About Spaghetti Craze!

Everybody loves good food and wants to enjoy the company of exciting people. This is how we want to be appreciated and remembered by our clients and friends. We created Spaghetti craze to give a taste of what food is all about. It is a place where heaven and earth encounter, where people make you feel special. Our aim is to bring smile on your face and promote healthy eating after a long tiring day at work or at school. We want to raise your awareness to the many healthy eating options available at Spaghetti Craze.


Remember your body is the dwelling place of your soul. A healthy body is a healthy soul free from any worries. Women who are weight conscious should not bother as long as the amount of food is in proportion to their body need. There is no need starving your self and later on you regret ending up being anorexic. It is just a matter of knowing what you eat and the importance of it.  To get to know you introspective wise is to know your food intake. Learn the joy of eating healthy happy meal. Savour your life with exciting Spaghetti and pasta dishes. Remember a healthy happy living begins right on our dining table!   Our menu will provide you a myriad of healthy eating options at the most affordable cost. From our delectable Spaghetti meatballs, Grilled Prawn Fettucini Aubergines, Linguine Creamy Smoked Salmon, Jewels of the Sea Spaghetti, Summer Chicken Delight Lasagne to Sun baked Macaroni and lots of culinary gems to entice you.  We only serve the best food that everybody loves to eat.

Certainly our top notch Filipino food attraction would surprise your gathering and make your dining a pleasurable experience of a lifetime.

I am  really proud of my own country for their massive contribution in the culinary arts. Philippines being a hotspot of excellent gourmet are something that we should be overwhelmed of. It is obvious that we do work long hours but it doesn't  stop us from not being able to prepare a wholesome treat for our dear ones. Indeed our whim to eat something special most of the times had galvanized us to persevere more in our work. Filipinos love to entertain and host dinners as their way of welcoming friends. Our lavish culinary styles are greatly manifested in our public affairs like Fiestas (Feast of the Saints), Christmas, and New Year etc. People throng in to the busiest district to eat typical Filipino delicatessen to satisfy their food cravings. I grew-up with the notion that when someone is cooking, expect the fragrance of the food will pervade in the neighbouring area. The smell of their cooking is enough to invite neighbours for a tea!

And who could resist our tempting desserts and sweets?  A raspberry Tiramisu lost in paradise, An Oriental Coconut Cake, Rhapsody Chocolate Cake, Banana Spring roll with shredded caramelised Coconut and a pick me up  Rice Sweet Corn Pudding! The uniqueness, ingenuity and craftsmanship of our delicacies are the hallmarks of Spaghetti Craze.

Nothing could be more vibrant than to renew and replenish your acquaintances with your mates. Relax and enjoy a lovely meal. Let food and music touch your heart and soul. A rendezvous of the famous 70's music to the latest sensational hits would sure take your breath away. Maybe a trip down memory lane with your special someone would complement your visit?  Enjoy! 

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