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Our passion in travelling and foreign culture had taken us to the many exciting and exotic countries of the world famous for their gastronomic reputations. Each country is unique and bears culinary hallmark recognition for their repertoire of gourmet contributions.  Spaghetti Craze is endowed with eclectic delectable homely cuisines that is cocooned and nestled in different countries of the world. However selective your taste maybe, it denotes only one common denominator. That is all about love!  Food sharing is associated with love. When you share food with a visitor then this is a manifestation of love for the human race. To learn the culture of the world is to be able to eat their local dishes in the most delightful way. It is an earth shattering cultural integration.       

Within the last century, the world had given birth to multitude of exciting dishes. The influx of third world migration in the western countries had somewhat revolutionized the growing image to create nutritious cosmopolitan diet.  A salubrious lifestyle doesn't mean expensive food. Our selection of International dishes would take you to a journey to many exciting dishes of the world and adaptation of foreign home cooking. Remember, nothing is impossible; haute cuisine meal right on your dining table is our main purpose of embarking on this International food galore section.  I'm sure a lot of our customers would benefit from this healthy and cultural innovation in eating foreign dishes.   

My crusade to introduce some of the well known International dishes is to raise every families awareness to healthy eating, cultural enlightenment, racial solidarity and affinity, to share with you my passion in cooking and travelling and to arouse your curiosity in foreign food as viewed in different world perspectives. And most and foremost is to spread love to our fellowmen. Food is a polyglot in the language of love.  Brace yourself with our definitive collections of famous world recipes and this could be the turning point of your life. 

I hope our menu would add delight and sparkle to your dining table. Buona Petito!!

Typical Mexican meal encompasses everything from fiery spicy to sweet spicy flavours. It might appear an elusive country to first time visitors but once you have tried Mexican food, everything changes. It opens a cordial atmosphere to break the ice between foreign cultures.

Mexican Beef Fajitas 

The ubiquitous tortilla is a Mexican way of life. It is eaten with great deal of other meal accompaniments.
A twist of exquisite salsa and guacamole will add more thrills.
How about some refried beans to complement your spicy taste?
Hmmm!  This is a quintessential Mexican meal!

Mexican Chicken Fajitas 


Viva Mexico!!  One of Mexico's crowning dish, Chilli con carne.  Mince beef stewed in a spicy tomato sauce with chilli peppers, garlic, onions, cumin and kidney beans
Mexican Beef Fajitas 

Tex Mex Chilli Con Carne

Slices of Chicken breasts cooked in a mild spicy creamy yoghurt, cream, and coconut milk. It is a type of curry dishes. Korma has its roots in the Mughlai cuisine of modern-day India and Pakistan.  It is a dish where meat is braised with water, stock, yoghurt and coconut cream and spiced up. Korma is derived from Hindi/Urdu words meaning braise

Indian Chicken Korma  with Pulao Rice, Chapati and Papadum


India’s nibble gift to the world of culinary arts.  Spicy little savoury pasty stuffed with mince beef or just plain vegetarian potatoes and peas. It’s an ideal snack treat or starter. It is simply appetizing and filling. Eating together and enjoying a true traditional meal is an Asian legacy. This meal will surely introduce you to the many sublime Asian taste. Hot or Medium spicy, it all depends how you put this meal into perspective. It is a steeped in Asian cooking. Go no further, as there is only one rule in cooking this, be easy going and the result is simply titillating! Famous cliché says “ A way to a man’s heart is often through his stomach, through this delicious nibble bites” Countries like Pakistan; India, Sri Lanka where it is male dominated world pays so much meaning to this cliché. 

Indian/ Pakistani Samosa

Grilled chicken chunks served in a velvety spicy creamy coconut tomato sauce. Chicken tikka masala means portion of chicken fillets marinated in spices and yoghurt, that is then grilled or baked and complemented with a masala (mixture of spices") sauce. The blending of the spices is more subtle than just peppery and this is the secret apart from the freshness of the ingredients. The myriad of spices used in Indian cooking are not just to flavour the food but has a soothing effect in your health

Pakistani Sizzling Chicken Tikka Masala with Pulao Rice

The strong features of Thai food are the blending of spicy flavours combined with coconut, lemon grass and limes. The labyrinth of ingredients that comprises Thai Green Chicken Curry is simply an eye opener to someone who is novice in the culinary world. But once you get used to, it adds colour in your meal. Indeed the flavours in Thai Curries are the crossroads of Asian and Oriental culinary influence. Thai cooking is full of surprises and spellbinding even to the most demanding taste. Diners crowd in to the busiest districts of Thailand to taste their delicacies. They are no elusive cuisines and if you fancy Thai Curry, y
ou can try this Green Chicken Curry. It is simply majestic Thai food!

Thai Green Chicken Curry

This is the best of Thai food incorporated in this sublime Pad Thai noodles. Stir fried noodles with eggs, fish sauce, red chilli pepper combined in the freshness of prawns, garnished with grounded peanuts, coriander and lime juice. Great Pad Thai is dry and light bodied, with a fresh, complex, balanced flavour.

Pad Thai Prawn Noodles

Panang curry takes it name from the city island off the West coast of peninsular Malaysia, Penang or Pulau Pinang in Malay. This type of curry is richer, sweeter, and creamier. This is a beef curry combined with potatoes, string beans, bell peppers, fresh basil, rich coconut milk and cooked with Panang curry. It is spicy, tangy, and crunchy and sweet-  The perfect blend of Thai flavours.

Thai Beef Panaeng

This dish is one of my heavenly favourites. Lightness, varieties and subtlety are the hallmarks of Singapore noodles. It is a dish that carries the emblem of the country. One of the best ways to eat Singapore noodles in Singapore is in the open ubiquitous street food stalls. Called, as the Lion City, Singapore is a cultural potpourri of South East Asia. Its culinary world prominence has given the country a high rank of pulsating taste of Asian delights. The vibrant pavements in Orchard Street have all the colourful displays of Asian Oriental delights, from the street food down to the most elegant restaurant.     

Singapore Spicy Noodles

Stir fried Tofu cubes with mince meat spiced up with chilli flakes cooked in fiery hot bean paste. It is a regional dish originated from Sichuan province, famous for spicy and hot sizzling cuisines. To eat Chinese food is to take a glimpse of their thousand years of history.  Chinese foods are the darling of every chef whether it is Shanghai, Cantonese or Sichuan. Since the birth of Chinese cuisine, it has brought excitement and clamour in the gastronomic world. Everybody is talking about it!

Sichuan Ma Po Tofu with Egg Fried Rice



Here comes this impeccable dish Sweet and Sour Chicken with Cantonese Fried Rice from the culinary capital of the world, China and Hong Kong. It is true that Chinese live to eat. Cantonese is the dominant cooking style in Hong Kong. The versatility of the Chinese cuisine is incomparable and every taste merits blue ribbon recognition. Eating is an art to the Chinese people and full of profundities. Some say that the original sweet and sour dish came from the province of Hunan but the sauce in this area is a weak vinegar and sugar mixture.

Sweet and Sour Chicken with Cantonese Fried Rice

An elaborate presentation of minced beef stewed in mild spicy tomato sauce blended with grilled slices of aubergines topped with cheese sauce, this is the illustrious Greek cuisine called Moussaka. The world's most enduring land of mythology is also home to famous iconic dishes. Whatever you eat in Greece,it is  simply fabulous. The beauty of Greece nestled in the Mediterranean had flourished in its most traditional food. Their cooking vibrates long colourful glorious history. Amidst lush greenery and sun-baked atmosphere are its charming cuisines that are widely eaten in a Greek laid back style. Moussaka is eaten at its best and should be firm in texture, delectable and aromatic in flavour.

Greek Legendary Mousaka 

Chill out with this Mediterranean grilled fish with a sprinkle of lemon and chopped parsley. A real heavenly treat, a fish that wears a smile! It is charming and is really becoming a well-sought menu among the locals and tourist. The ingenuity of people from the Mediterranean peninsula is greatly incorporated in this very simple but sumptuous meal. This is my number 1 favourite when it comes to fish! You will sure agree with me. Luscious and appealing, you will be lured in paradise!

Sun Kissed Mediterranean Fish 

Stir Fried dish consisting of noodles, vegetables topped with prawn tempura. This well known- oriental dish from China and Japan had indeed lived-up to its sublime taste. Chinese-style noodles have also entered the native cuisines of neighbouring East Asian countries such as Korea, as well as Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand and Cambodia.

Chinese Chow Mien Prawn Tempura  

Tuck in to this healthy savoury pie with a filling of mince beef, potatoes, green peas and raisins. Having been settled in the United Kingdom for many years now, my interest in cooking English Food had been intensified by the number of English people that I met everyday. I liked the versatility and variations of British Food. It is wholesome and rich in its own ways. This is served with colourful boiled assortment of veggies like peas, carrots, broccoli and lots of gravy on it!  You can also add more excitement to your dinner by adding some chips and salad. Savour this delightful meal and this is what being British means!

English Savory Mince Pie with veg and gravy  

A very famous British food battered fillet of fish or bread crumbed fish deep-fried and accompanied by chips (deep fried potatoes).  London is a hotchpotch capital city renowned for the immense diversities of ethnic cultures. Given not much time to cook at home, an overnight sensational dish was born, The Fish and Chips. The enormous charisma of this dish had rocketed in all parts of the British Isles. Its transatlantic appeal had been well applauded by people from East to West.

Brits Fish & Chips  

Chicken Satay is a top favourite street food. Its popularity had captured the hearts of the locals and tourists. It is an epitome to a good taste.  This native Indonesian dish can be eaten as finger food or serve as a main course accompanied by a bowl of rice or noodles. Satay (Meat in skewers charcoal grilled or barbeque Indonesian Style) is a flamboyant art of cooking. Eating Indonesian food is an adventure that will take to you to the most exciting gastronomic experience of a lifetime. Varieties of spices in cooking are a way of life in Indonesia. It will certainly woo even the most discerning taste buds.

Indonesian Chicken Satay  

A thick Italian vegetable soup extracted from the blending of beans, potatoes, carrots,celery, tomatoes, onions and courgettes. This is the classic Italian vegetable soup that a lot of  countries have tried to produce their own version but the taste has never been equalled at all. It is simply incomparable taste as the melodramatic life of the Italians. There is only one minestrone soup despite this name had floated all over the world's gastronomic vocabulary.

Minestrone Soup  

A sublime soup made of sauteed onion, cauliflower and potatoes and simmered in a creamy
soup base. It is deliciously simple, but hearty soup with high nutritive value. Rainy months and cold weather are idyllic season to tuck in to this revitalizing soup however at any time of the year the soup is simply awesome. A toasted buttered bread complements the liveliness of this energetic soup

Cauliflower and Potato Soup  


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