Introducing Our All Time Filipino Classics!

How about this classic all time Filipino treats? Within the last decades, Philippines have been inundated by the diversities of many local dishes. I certainly take pride in introducing our own local cuisine to the world of gastronomic excellence. Regarded as haute cuisine by not only Filipinos but Worldwide as well.  These are quintessential food to the Filipino's way of life.  It does manifest our lineage as a Filipino with up beat taste. Why don't you give it a try and see what I mean?  This will give you an insight to the Filipinos past, present and future.

The Philippines being known as the Pearl of the Orient with its intermarriages of culture between its Spanish and Malay lineage had transcended a mirage of exotic blend of culture and tradition that is visibly manifested in our culinary heritage. Today the country's ideology is a chaotic agglomeration that exercises a proportionate influence in the entire population. The sudden growth of Filipino diaspora had contributed in the widespread introduction of our cuisines to the world particularly in the western countries.
Our love affair with noodle dishes that have flourished during our childhood years will always be there to remind us of our vibrant, exotic and timeless Filipino tradition. The fascinating flavours of Filipino cuisine are indeed a real gem to treasure!

The Filipinos are great food lovers. This is true reflected in the presence of immense eateries and street food stalls all over the country. Our cooking is from simple to complex with high degree of imaginative aspects. The eminence of Filipino food is focused on the liveliness of our cultural heritage, something that one should be really proud of. Whenever I visit home, my time is spent mostly in meeting relations and eating. This is a true insight to our traditions. By virtue, Filipinos are friendly, happy go lucky and hospitable. They loved to entertain visitors and one way is by dining out. There's never been a dull moment meeting friends and indulging in with some of our local cuisines. True that Filipino food is distinguished by the moderate use of spices eventually with the subtle blending of so many cultural influences and flavours, there's no doubt that our cooking is unique and distinct by high standard merits.


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