About Spaghetti Craze!

Our commitment to excellent customer services is embedded in our hearts to make everybody feel special.  Yes, our restaurant is blessed with eclectic delectable homely cuisines that is cocooned and nestled in different countries of the world.  However selective your taste maybe, it denotes only one common denominator. That is love!  Eating pasta is associated with love.  When you eat spaghetti, it connects you through the heart of the world.  "Life is a combination of magic and pasta."

The shapes and colours associated with pasta embody human life that is evolving and challenging. When you eat spaghetti, it goes round and round as similar to our life cycle.

When you share food with a friend or visitor then this is a manifestation of love for human race. To learn the culture of the world is to be able to savour their local dishes in the most delightful way. It is an earth shattering cultural integration.

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