About Spaghetti Craze!


Life is a celebration of  good food.

The epitome of a good taste depends on the liveliness and vibrancy of the food prepared and cooked from the heart of a passionate chef. The mastery of good food is a celebration of life and this is what Spaghetti Craze is all about. Being crazy about the beauty of life through fine food. It is the latest craze to hit in town and bring magic in your dining. At Spaghetti Craze, we certainly take pride in introducing our own culinary collections.

Whether you are on a shoestring budget or sky is the limit, our repertoire of mouth-watering dishes is simply oozing with charisma. It does manifest our heritage as a Filipino with up beat taste. Warm weather, beautiful people, old -fashioned values and endless sun, sea and sand; this is what we are in the heart of Asia. We speak one common language called love for good food. The taste of excellent cooking is where the magic of our cooking comes to life. Our cooking emerges from the scorching epicentre of the culinary hall of fame. Our finest selection of spaghetti and pasta dishes depicts the meaning of superb dining.  Our experience and culinary prowess in creating fine food is a lifetime experience acquired through years of foreign travelling, cultural innovation, and gourmet exploration.

Our learning experiences had endowed us a gift of love for fine food. Eating and sharing food with your friends is an earth shattering human and cultural integration. We have created multiplex dishes of grace, nutritive and harmony, truly enticing to ones taste.  It is varied and superficial. The gathering of fresh vegetables, tropical fruits, superlative meat and sea foods and alluring spices had created us an array of Spaghetti and Pasta dishes that is beyond your wildest dream.  Spaghetti craze is trendy, unique, exotic and really enchanting to the palate.  It is a place where you want to be.  Eat and be happy after all, it's a crazy world we are living!

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